Reading Dante; Purgatorio

Canto XX .146
"Nulla ignoranza mai con tanta guerrami fé desideroso di sapere."
-Never before had my ignorance caused within me such a desperate desire to know the truth.

A Million Miles Away from Evil

At this moment the cicada sing and the honey bees gather pollen in my lush patio garden. The nuthatch seeks a sunflower seed and the humming birds race around the feeder. I have exactly four butterflies deeply interested in the Joe Pye Weed. The cappucino is warm and frothy in my cup...and yet today more evil has been exposed as murderous intentions are being uncovered. Thousands of good people are displaced from their homes, delayed from their journeys, wait in lines, attempting to lead their peaceful lives as a few men attempt to claim theirs. I feel like a million miles away from it all, but I know I am not.

It's like
Lord of the Flies times ten...only they have built themselves an island in the middle of humanity and are shipwrecked within the confines of their self-imposed shores. How can they be so lost? They are like lonely children in the middle of a nightmare, but how can we wake them up? Why have they become so blinded by the corruption of those they follow?

And I naively wish I could invite just one to my garden for some cappucino, to show them a different reality..., to share the beauty of what is life and assure them that this is how it, not
only should be, but CAN BE. And then I understand that this beauty is present within every and any moment for those who choose to seek it. But that is something that they must do for themselves.

Namaste, J