Drawings of Purgatory
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So lazy were these souls that they must wait the equivalent of their earthly time before they may begin to earn their penance in Purgatory.
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Souls who now pursue humility under the weight of their own earthly pride.
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Envy separated these souls, now they are blinded - eyes wired shut, dressed in horse cloth, dependent upon one another as they circle about in constant penance.
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Anger blinds our eyes and burns our lungs, thus suffer the souls of Wrath.
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Lazy in life, these souls run with zeal… an eternal marathon to make up for their wasted time.
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These who turned their backs on their fellow man, now lie prone with their backs to hope and God until the day arrives when they may move on.
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And now they thirst and hunger only for the word of the Lord…
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The souls of this 7th circle walk in the purifying flames, to burn out their misplaced lust.
Upon reaching the summit of the mountain, Dante must endure his own purification by flame and Virgil reassures him that no hair will be singed, but he must proceed on faith.