An Overview of Purgatory
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  • Purgatory Summary

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    Purgatory is envisioned as a mountain where the souls come to purify themselves of the sins committed while alive.
  • The Mountain of Purgatory Map

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    An illustration showing the mountain of purgatory, rising from the earthly plane toward Paradise or Heaven. The Seven Deadly sins are represented here and are described as terraces or circles upon which souls must pay their penance in order to be purified, that they may rise to heaven.

    Essentially, the seven deadly sins are forms of tainted love, whether not enough, misdirected or too much.

    Just prior to this is described an ante purgatory…a region where
  • The Terraces of the Mountain of Purgatory

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    I. The Proud II. The Envious3rd Circle: Gluttony
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    4th Circle: Avarice & Prodigality
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    5th Circle: Wrath & Sulleness6th Circle: Heresey7th Circle: Violence8th Circle: Fraud
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    9th Circle: Treachery
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  • Terms and Definitions

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    • Lustful: intense desire for money, food, fame, power and sex leading to a lack of self-control.
    • Gluttony: is the over-indulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. It is considered a sin if this excessive desire places one's own interests above the well-being or interests of others.
    • Avarice: Extreme greed for wealth or material gain. Such wealth may be hoarded (not shared) or wasted, forgoing one's responsibilities toward his family and his community.
    • Prodigality: spending one's money wastefully and recklessly.
    • Wrath: Pure anger and rage. Wrath is self-destructiveness, and is violence and hate that may be used against oneself (suicide) or others (spite, revenge, jealousy.)
    • Sullenness: suppressed anger
    • Heretics: those who violate religious teachings and/or other established customs or beliefs.
    • Blasphemers: those who show contempt toward God, holy persons or objects that are considered sacred.
    • Sodomites: those who practice bestiality, or other deviant sexual practices.
    • Usurers: People who lend money at an unreasonable rate.
    • Panderers: Someone who derives financial gain from the prostitution of another person...being a pimp or madam, sex trafficker.
    • Simony: the act of selling, for personal gain, rolls, positions or favors in the Church.
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Drawings of Purgatory
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The realm of the Lazy.
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…under the weight of their own earthly pride.
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…separated by what we see and want.
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They turned their backs on their fellow man…
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…thirst and hunger only for the word of the Lord…
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purified in flames.
Drawings from Purgatory

The Carnal
Paolo e Francesca
The Gluttons
Spendthrifts and Misers
Wood of the Suicide
The Traitors
The Bright World

Nel mezzo del camin, di nostra vita, mi ritrovai per una selva oscura...
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