Spendthrifts & Misers
Canto VII
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Canto VII - The Spendthrifts and the Misers

" It was squandering and hoarding that have robbed them
of the lovely world, and to them in this brawl.
I will not waste choice words describing it!

You see, my son, the short-lived mockery
of all the wealthe that is in Fortune’s keep,
over which the human race is bickering;

for all the gold that is or ever was
beneath the moon won’t buy a moments rest
for even one among these weary souls.”

— translation by Mark Musa

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The Spendthrifts & the Misers

And when they met and clashed against each other
they turned to push the other way,
one side screaming, “Why hoard?”,
the other side, “Why Waste?”